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ON'connect™ fluids


With a view to sharing digital tools and optimising operational efficiency, SUEZ offers ON'connect™ fluids: a unique platform for monitoring your water, gas and electricity consumption. From a single modular and easy-to-use platform, users have access to different indicators in order to drive their company's environmental transition, monitor the progress of the action plan and schedule future actions according to emergencies. The platform integrates all data considered useful, whether it comes from different distributors, connected objects, internal software or Excel files. The SUEZ teams support you throughout the project to build an effective savings plan, and deploy other IoT sensors (CO2 sensors, smart thermometers, sub-meters, etc.) on request.

  • Multi-site monitoring of water, gas and electricity consumption
  • General assessment of consumption and benchmarks of the sites monitored
  • Monitoring of the progress of actions in the field
  • Calculation of tariff optimisation for electricity contracts
  • Management of leakage alerts according to different levels of urgency
  • Monthly performance reports


  • Understanding consumption in a global way
  • Generation of key indicators for the development of an effective action plan
  • Simplified information sharing and team coordination
  • Reduction of water losses on the entire site
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Gain points to obtain certification and financial aid (CEE)
  • Compliance with the Tertiary Decree (financial penalties applicable from 2022)
  • Costs savings


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