More than 10 years of experience

SUEZ supports city development around the world with through its historical activities, which are water and waste management services. SUEZ Smart Solutions, a subsidiary of the Group, provides intelligent solutions and expertise to support regions in their environmental and digital transformation.

We integrate data collection solutions (smart meters, sensors and probes) to provide digital models and real-time applications, thus moving towards rational use of resources and resilience in times of crisis.

Sensors and instrumentation

  • Specification of radio sensor products and meters
  • Environmental measurement and instrumentation
  • Installation, maintenance and support

Communications network

  • Deployment of industrial networks and IoT networks
  • Operation and supervision of the communicating chain
  • Data collection and storage

Data processing and exposure

  • Design of open data platforms
  • Collection and advanced processing of multi-source data
  • Data exposure through web services, applications, portals

Software development

  • Design and development of expert real-time and asynchronous systems
  • SaaS or on-premises integrated systems
  • Maintenance and support

Data platforms and display

  • Design of open and interoperable data platforms
  • Automation of multi-source data collection, including connected objects
  • Data valuation (API, Applications, portals, business models)

Our solutions deployed worldwide