The first connected industrial device in France, the electricity, gas and water smart meter is a tool for economic and environmental transition. A subject of controversy and misinformation, these data-rich devices open the door to new services for cities and consumers.

Intelligent meters for optimised water network management

What is the point of recording the water consumption of every subscriber several times a day? First of all, to better manage the public service: smart water meters ONconnect™ contribute to building a relationship of trust with users by billing them in a transparent manner, based on their real consumption, not on estimates, and also to modernizing service management by recording data remotely, without entering the home. This real-time hardware and IT monitoring system is essential to ensure the smooth operating of millions of smart meters... and of the data! The data gathered also make it possible to optimise drinking water supply network management by detecting leaks in pipelines in real time and thus limiting repeated intervention procedures, which are costly for the community. 


Using data to improve quality of life

The second kind of value is particularly aimed at regions and consumers themselves. Thanks to detailed monitoring of daily consumption and personalised advice, a service like ONconnect™ tourism, for example, a system to understand and control your water consumption using detailed analysis and personalised advice online, can be made available. What is the goal? To contribute to conservation of the environment, save money on your water bills... and energy bills ! Consuming hot water also consumes electricity (50%). And today’s water data go even further. Recorded on a daily basis, water consumption reflects habits which computer algorithms can interpret: showering, flushing, watering and leaks. This is the heart of a service ONconnect™ generation which reveals unusual behaviour (sleepl disorders, dehydration) and offers a new means for community centres, retirement homes and families to monitor isolated senior citizens. Another specific use: the study of seasonal variation and forecasting its impact on tourist communities. This is a platform ONconnect™ tourism which cross-references daily water consumption with open data, such as school holidays, weather forecasts and any event that may influence a city’s visitor numbers. Information, like forecasts of tourist visitor numbers and calculation of related arrivals allows better control of the effects of seasonal variation and adaptation of public services (road works, waste, security etc.). 


Towards the Smart City

A pioneering device for smart cities, the smart water meter has paved the way for other uses. Thus, the technology Wize co-developed for ONconnect™ smart meters Gazpar (smart gas meters deployed by GRDF) is open to all types of uses in smart cities: water, energy, waste, technical management of buildings. This mutualisation of IoT networks enables local authorities to rationalise their communication infrastructures and accelerate the implementation of smart projects. Thus, every Smart City stakeholder will be able to take advantage of the national network deployed by GRDF and SUEZ which will have 15 million smart meters by 2022, whose lifespan is guaranteed until 2042 (at least). This will make of this technology called Wize, the most deployed for industrial needs in Europe. In addition to these new services and this partnership, SUEZ is part of a connected business initiative with a firm intention to become a stakeholder in smart cities, taking part in major projects, such as Digital Saint-Etienne and Dijon Smart City. The SUEZ Group has been able to play a leading role in these projects thanks to our expertise in data processing.  


While remote metering is increasingly in demand among private service providers and public utilities, local authorities can make the most of the deployment of connected meters by offering value-added services to residents and businesses in their area


* Low Power Wide Area Network 

** Internet of Things