When remote valve control reconciles economic and environmental issues

Thanks to ON’connectTM switch, Suez Smart Solutions has developed a solution designed for all urban infrastructures, as well as for industrial or semi-public entities to control their facilities’ water supply. What we planned: leak detection, automatic valve closure, savings and environmental issues...
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Smart city, Success story

Towards an optimized management of water network assets

With the recent acquisition of Optimatics by SUEZ, a leading Australian company in its field, Suez Smart Solutions adds a new string to its bow: the smart management of drinking water and wastewater network assets. A technological breakthrough which allows the optimisation of pipe renewal plans.
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ON'connect™, Success story

SUEZ leader of smart water metering in the Czech Republic

Since the 1990s, SUEZ has been supporting the environmental and digital transition of large and small Czech cities. Quickly identified as beneficial devices for all stakeholders in the territory, the smart water metering has been gradually introduced in many cities.
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Success story, AQUADVANCED®

Flanders’ leading water operator water-link adopts AQUADVANCED® Water Networks

water-link – Flanders’ leading water operator - produces approximately 140 million m3 of water per year, of which 47 million m3 are delivered to other water operators and 93 million m3 are supplied to provide drinking water to 620 000 inhabitants in the Antwerp region, as well as the industries in the port of Antwerp. Facing water loss issues in a highly complex network with a lot of interconnections, water-link decided to implement a monitoring solution to drastically improve the hydraulic performance of its water distribution network. After a competitive bidding process, water-link awarded SUEZ Smart Solutions, a 5 year-contract to roll out and maintain AQUADVANCED® Water Networks software for its water distribution network.
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IoT, Smart city

Which IoT networks for my city?

Sigfox, LoRa, Wize, NB-Iot and now 5G? With the first Smart City projects and smart territories, communication technologies are multiplying. Announced as revolutionary in Europe, 5G once again raises the question of technological choice for connecting objects. Samuel Loyson, Smart Metering Director at SUEZ Smart Solutions, shares his expert opinion with us.
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