Since the 1990s, SUEZ has been supporting the environmental and digital transition of large and small Czech cities. Quickly identified as beneficial devices for all stakeholders in the territory, the smart water metering has been gradually introduced in many cities.

To date 15% of water meters operated by SUEZ in the Czech Republic are connected through ON'connect™ metering contracts, the sturdy and fit-for-purpose AMI solution for water meters designed and developed by SUEZ Smart Solutions. To date, it represents 50,000+ meters under deployment operating with the Wize technology, a low-power,long-range radio communication protocol operating in the 169 MHz frequency band developed especially for IoT applications. This industrial solution has been proven and deployed massively on a wide scale for water and gas utilities. Networks using Wize technology connect over 6 million objects worldwide and continue to expand rapidly.
It is in 2015 that Czech local authorities began to take an interest in smart meters. At that time, no other solution for remote readings systems are installed on a large scale in the country. However, it did not take long for local authorities to understand the benefits of automated meter readings system in fixed network: daily readings, billing on real consumptions, reduction of interventions, alerting customers by email or SMS in case of leak detection or overconsumption, compliance with their environmental obligations, etc. SUEZ quickly became the ideal partner for setting up a such system. Indeed, with its end-to-end solution ON'connect™ metering, SUEZ Smart Solutions‘ offer covers the complete value chain, providing technical coverage studies, hardware (transmitters and concentrators), technical assistance of local teams for installation, communication network supervision, end-user support, data processing and integration with billing systems.In cities such as Ostrava or Brno, the pace of deployment of smart meters can reach up to 1000 meters per month. But the ON'connect™ metering solution does not fit only to large cities: smaller cities operated by private or public water companies like Šumperk, Zábřeh, Mohelnice, Benešov, Sulice, Vlašim, Jablonné, Pardubice or Břeclav have also started their deployment.

Czech local authorities quickly understood that smart metering is not a tool limited for better water operations management. Some of them are already exploring other ON'connect™ digital solutions in order to make them beneficial for all local stakeholders (companies, households, public facilities, etc.): savings on water and energy bills, carbon footprint reduction, eco-consumption services of domestic water, energy and environmental performance of real estate (multi-fluid management), etc.