Cookies statement

The purpose of this cookie declaration is to inform visitors or users of the website of the conditions of use of cookies and the methods of protection of their personal data thus collected by SUEZ Smart Solutions.

Updated on 11 January 2021
The purpose of this cookie declaration (hereinafter "the Declaration") is to inform visitors or users (hereinafter the "User") of the website (hereinafter the "Website") of the conditions of use of cookies and the methods of protection of their personal data thus collected by SUEZ Smart Solutions (hereinafter the "Publisher and Processor").

This Declaration may be updated at any time in the event of changes in the applicable regulations. 

The User is invited to regularly consult this Declaration and the date it was last updated.


1) What is a Cookie (and other tracers)?

A cookie or a tracer (hereafter "Cookies") is a small text file that can access, by electronic means, information already stored on your terminal (tablet, multifunction mobile "smartphone", fixed or mobile computer and more generally any object connected to a telecommunications network open to the public) or write information on it, when you consult the Site. 


2) Why do we use Cookies ? 

Cookies enable SUEZ Smart Solutions to recognise the User's terminal each time he or she consults the Website and therefore to analyse his or her behaviour in order to improve the Website and optimise the User experience. 

For the sake of transparency, SUEZ Smart Solutions undertakes to explain in detail the use made of cookies as indicated below.


3) What Cookies do we use ? 

Cookie typeNameSupplierPurposeDuration
TechnicalTarteaucitronTarte au citronCookie Saving Consent Choices12 months
Marketingsib_cuidwww.suezsmartsolutions.comCollection of browsing information and user preferences - Used to provide a newsletter about this information6 months
Statistics and audience_gat,_gtag_UA_.www.suezsmartsolutions.comCookies associated with Google Analytics and used to store and update a unique value for each page visited and to differentiate between users.1 day
Statistics and audience_gidwww.suezsmartsolutions.comCookie associated with Google Analytics and used to store and update a unique value for each page visited and to differentiate users.1 day
Statistics and audience_gawww.suezsmartsolutions.comCookie associated with Google Analytics to collect information and generate reports on website usage statistics, to measure the audience. For example, it will record the URL of pages viewed.2 years
Marketinguuidsibautomation.comOptimising the relevance of ads by collecting data on visitors to multiple websites, such as page loads.6 months
Social NetworksCONSENTYoutube.comThis cookie provides information about how the end user uses the website and any advertising that the end user may have seen before visiting the website17 years
Social NetworksGPSYoutube.comYouTube collects user data via videos embedded in websites, which is aggregated with profile data from other Google services to display targeted advertisements to web visitors on a wide range of their own and other websites.1 day
Social NetworksVISITOR_INFO1_LIVEYoutube.comCookie set by Youtube to keep track of user preferences for videos embedded in a site. It can also determine whether the visitor is using the new or old Youtube interface.6 months
Social NetworksYSCYoutube.comCookie used to track the number of views on videos embedded in websitesSession
Social Networksguest_idtwitter.comCookie appearing on pages that use the "Tweet" share button and allows the user to be identified with a unique number associated with Twitter.2 years
Social Networkspersonalization_idtwitter.comCookie containing information on how the end user browses the website and any advertisements to which the end user was exposed prior to visiting the website in question.2 years
Social Networksgttwitter.comCookie defined due to integration of Twitter and social media sharing capabilities Session
Social Networksexternal_referertwitter.comCookie for sharing the content of pages on the Twitter site7 days
Social NetworksCtDtwitter.comCookie defined due to integration of Twitter and social media sharing capabilities Session
Social Networks_gidtwitter.comCookie used to distinguish users1 day
Social Networks__cfduidaddtoany.comCookie defined by the CloudFlare service to identify trusted web traffic. It does not match any user ID in the web application and the cookie does not store any personally identifiable information.1 month
Social Networksuvcaddtoany.comCookie used to track the use of the service. It allows a user to share a web page with many social sites.1 day
Social Networksbcookielinkedin.comBrowser cookie to identify each device accessing LinkedIn in order to detect any abuse on the platform. 2 years
Social NetworksBscookielinkedin.comCookie used to register the dual authentication status of a logged-in user2 years
Social Networksfidlinkedin.comCookie used to monitor malicious activity on the site7 days
Social NetworksJSESSIONIDlinkedin.comCookie used for SRFC protectionSession
Social Networkslanglinkedin.comUsed to store a user's language preferencesSession
Social Networksli_atlinkedin.comCookie used to authenticate members and API clients1 year
Social Networksli_gclinkedin.comCookie used to store guest users' consent to the use of cookies for non-essential purposes.2 years
Social Networksli_mclinkedin.comUsed as a temporary cache to avoid searching the member's content in the database for non-essential cookies, and used to obtain consent data from the customer in order to enforce their consent.2 years
Social Networksliaplinkedin.comCookie used by sites other than "www.domaines" to indicate a member's login status 1 year
Social Networkslidclinkedin.comTo optimise the selection of data centres1 day
Social Networkslissclinkedin.comUsed to verify that there is a correct SameSite attribute for all cookies in this browser.    1 year
Social Networksrtclinkedin.comCookie used in LinkedIn's anti-abuse processes    5 seconds
Social NetworkstrkCodelinkedin.comCookie used in LinkedIn's anti-abuse processes    5 seconds
Social NetworkstrkInfolinkedin.comCookie used in LinkedIn's anti-abuse processes    3 months
Social Networksfrfacebook.comFacebook's primary ad cookie is used to serve, measure and improve the relevancy of ads2 years
Social Networksdatrfacebook.comProtecting users from abuse on Facebook 12 months
Social Networksc_userfacebook.comStorage of a unique identifier for the user1 day
Social Networkssbfacebook.comCollection of information about the browser used 
Social Networksxsfacebook.comStorage of a unique identifier for the user to maintain a session 
Social Networksspinfacebook.comCookie used by Facebook 


4) What is the maximum shelf life of cookies ?

Cookies may be stored for a maximum period of thirteen (13) months from the date of the User's consent. The data collected through cookies will then be either deleted or anonymised.


5) What are the type of Cookies ?

a. The necessary Cookies
The sole purpose of the necessary Cookies is to allow or facilitate access to the Site. These Cookies are not subject to the User's prior authorisation and cannot be deactivated.

b. Personalization Cookies
Personalisation Cookies are used to improve the Site's performance so that it retains display information such as the User's preferred language. The User may object to this and navigation will no longer be personalised.

c. Cookies for audience measurement
Cookies for audience measurement allow us to measure the performance of the Site, to detect navigation problems or to organise content.

These Cookies also make it possible to identify which information on the Site could be of most interest to the User, in order to adapt the Site to the User and the relevance of the messages that are likely to be sent to him/her.

The Google Analytics service allows to count visitors and to identify the way they use the Website. These Cookies are deposited and read on the User's terminal equipment and as soon as the User accesses a Website using the "Google Analytics" service.
The data generated by these Cookies concerns :
- your use of the Site;
- your IP address in order to determine the city of connection. This data is immediately anonymised after location and is not communicated to the Editor, in accordance with applicable law.

You can obtain more information about the Google Analytics service by visiting .

d. Third party cookies for social network sharing
The Publisher may rely on certain services offered by third party websites to enable Users to share Website content on their social networks or to follow SUEZ accounts on social networks. These include the share button (LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram), lists of tweets (Twitter) and videos posted on the Website (YouTube).

The aforementioned Social Network Cookies are managed by the publisher of the social network site. The User is invited to take note of the cookie management policy of the said social networks on the sites concerned:


6) How can the User manage Cookies?

The User is first of all informed that the Publisher's partners and any other third party may place Cookies on the Site. These are referred to as "Third Party Cookies". Only the issuer of a Cookie is likely to read or modify the information contained therein and the Publisher has no access or control over the Cookies that third parties may use.

The issue and use of Cookies by third parties are subject to the privacy policies and Cookie policies of such third parties in addition to the provisions of this Statement.

a. The Cookie Agreement
During the first visit to the Site, a banner informs the User of the presence of Cookies and invites the User to indicate his/her choice. Cookies are only deposited if the User agrees to the deposit of cookies as follows:

- By clicking on the "OK" button appearing on the information banner visible at the bottom of the Site the first time the User connects to the Site;
- By carrying out a search, i.e. when the User uses the search engine or if he activates or deactivates the filters in the pages that offer them (examples: publications, press releases, etc).

If the User accepts the registration of Cookies in his terminal, the Cookies integrated in the pages and content that he has consulted may be stored temporarily in a dedicated space on his terminal. They will only be readable there by their sender.

The User's consent to cookies will be kept for a period of 6 months.

b. The partners
Several Suez Smart Solutions partners may have access to information relating to the services offered and cookies deposited on the user's terminal via the Site. These partners are Google and Sendinblue who may access certain data as part of maintenance operations.