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Diminuez les consommations d’eau et préservez les ressources de votre territoire avec l’outil d’analyse ON’connect™ Trends

Sobriété hydrique et maitrise des fuites : ces enjeux n’ont jamais été aussi importants pour les collectivités et les services de l’eau à l’heure où le manque d’eau impacte le monde entier. Les systèmes de télérelève collectent et transmettent des données quotidiennes de consommation de manière individuelle, point de service par point de service. Cependant, aucune vue d’ensemble n’est proposée pour permettre aux collectivités de comprendre et d’expliquer la nature des consommations et ses impacts. Désormais, grâce au tableau de bord ON’connect™ Trends, analyser les différents usages de l’eau devient possible à l’échelle du territoire, pour permettre aux collectivités et à leurs services de l’eau d’agir pour la sobriété hydrique.
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Success story, Data

Asset Advanced, for intelligent and sustainable investment planning

The Drinking Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Act of 2021 in the United States provides $35 billion for water investments. "In 2019 alone, the cumulative investment gap in water infrastructure in the US was $81 billion. Other calculations suggest that more than $100 billion a year will be needed for the next 20 years." B. Vanden Bossche, Product Manager Asset Advanced
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IoT, Data

Data science for metrology

With the multiplication of smart objects, operators of factories, water and sewage networks or waste management are faced with a continuous increase in the number of measurements and data available to optimize their processes and consequently their overall performance. Data transmission must be controlled so that malfunctions or missing data do not disrupt the availability of key indicators for their businesses. A meticulous job, resulting from a long experience that SUEZ proposes now to its customers through a new dedicated offer!
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Smart city, Success story

Towards an optimized management of water network assets

With the recent acquisition of Optimatics by SUEZ, a leading Australian company in its field, Suez Smart Solutions adds a new string to its bow: the smart management of drinking water and wastewater network assets. A technological breakthrough which allows the optimisation of pipe renewal plans.
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When remote valve control reconciles economic and environmental issues

Thanks to ON’connectTM switch, Suez Smart Solutions has developed a solution designed for all urban infrastructures, as well as for industrial or semi-public entities to control their facilities’ water supply. What we planned: leak detection, automatic valve closure, savings and environmental issues...
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