Thanks to ON’connectTM switch, Suez Smart Solutions has developed a solution designed for all urban infrastructures, as well as for industrial or semi-public entities to control their facilities’ water supply. What we planned: leak detection, automatic valve closure, savings and environmental issues...


An Intelligent, patented and high-performance technology

ON’connectTM switch was launched one year ago and is the result of the integration of Hydrelis’technology into the ON’ConnectTM range. As Damien Plantier, Partnership Director at Suez Ventures recalls: “In 2018, we joined forces with Hydrelis and took a minority stake. This technology, which provides us significant synergies - technological as well as commercial - is perfectly in line with our offers portfolio and allows us to go even further by now offering public and private buildings managers a personalised control of their valves.”


A tailor-made control to minimize water losses

Services buildings (gymnasiums, schools, stations, offices, etc) can now monitor their water networks 365 days per year and 24 hours a day, and act immediately in case of an alert. “Flows are constantly analysed, explains Cyril Dumont, Hydrelis' sales director, thanks to algorithms that are continuously processed and enable leaks to be identified in real time." Depending on the chosen parameters, the tool acting like a water circuit breaker automatically closes the relevant valve. “It’s up to the customer to determine the minimum leakage size that will trigger an automatic closure".  François Moreau, Sales Director at SUEZ Smart Solutions adds: “He is also free to make this shutdown from the secure portal, which allows him to react immediately in the event of water damage and also to set the closing and the opening times for the infrastructure water networks. For example, a school will be able to schedule the closing during the holidays and thus avoid considerable losses”. The solution can be used with all networks – old or new, indoor or outdoor, small or large – regardless of the operator in charge, and can be installed without any additional work.


A solution linking economic and environmental issues

By limiting the damage linked to a leak, we are fighting to preserve the resource by avoiding the loss of thousands of m3 of water, but also to ensure the safety of the installations and avoid an operating loss. “Water damage presents major human and economic challenges”, points out François Moreau. Stopping a leak immediately avoids a lot of stress and the possibility of administrative closure. Finally, getting the right equipment means meeting regulatory recommendations – BREEAM, HQE Association, DIN1988 standard – and improving environmental performance.

Currently implemented in several local authorities, departments and regions, ON’connectTM switch already guarantees a return on investment of less than one year and savings up to 30%.



Contact: Pierre Emmanuel Louvet