Success story, AQUADVANCED®

Algiers water networks under close surveillance

Since 2006, SUEZ has joined forces with SEAAL (Algiers water and sewerage services supplier) to offer Algiers, a city that until now had only enjoyed intermittent water distribution, access to drinking water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A true challenge in this particularly arid region, with critical water resources and fast-growing urbanisation. It was in this challenging scenario that in 2016 SEAAL decided to purchase AQUADVANCED® Water networks, a real-time software solution dedicated to water network performance management and the preservation of water resources. A successful proposal.

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Smart city, Data, ioT

Key Events in 2018

A look back at the SUEZ Group's highlights: commercial successes, new contracts and major acquisitions in 2018. As it says: "digital solution for circular economy is at the heart of the Group's development".

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What if saving water became a game?

It’s hard to imagine that water could be Singapore’s Achilles heel. To meet water needs, the island-republic has to constantly innovate to better manage its lack of natural resources, including water. Since 2015, SUEZ and the PUB, the agency in charge of water management in the city-state, have joined forces to set up an innovative digital solution to encourage Singaporeans to reduce their daily water consumption and preserve this vulnerable resource.

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Save on your water and energy bills thanks to smart meters !

Achieving savings on fixed costs is not always easy. However, levers do exist, particularly thanks to advanced water data analysis. Detailed knowledge of consumer habits makes it possible to better control consumption of domestic hot water, reducing both water and energy costs. A financial and environmental advantage.

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Smart city, ON'connect™

When water consumption data help to boost your tourist attractiveness

For tourist communities, controlling the phenomenon of seasonality is a major issue, as much for the local economy as for management of public services. In this regard, water consumption data are an excellent indicator of intensity of usage. When recorded daily, combined with other information, they can provide a real-time or predictive view of the intensity of visitor numbers in a region.

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