When we talk about Dijon and SUEZ, we often think of the Smart City project. The collaboration of SUEZ Smart Solutions and Dijon goes back to the flood the city suffered in 2013. The flood of the river Ouche affected dozens of homes in Dijon and several surrounding villages, resulting in the evacuation of part of their inhabitants. This was the result of exceptional rainfall that caused the river and water tables to overflow in a matter of hours. A situation that pushed the community to equip itself with a tool to forecast the floods of the Ouche in Dijon. Developed by SUEZ Smart Solutions, Avicrue, the customised solution of AQUADVANCED® Urban Drainage was deployed. Zoom.

Anticipate to be ready to act

With its experience in water networks and their real-time monitoring, SUEZ Smart Solutions has been able to quickly respond to the city's demand by developing a suitable solution, putting the Ouche river and Kir Lake under surveillance. Violent thunderstorms coming this way? Are they expected to go over the threshold? Is there a disturbing upstream flow of Lake Kir? AQUADVANCED® Urban Drainage sends warning messages to the teams in the city via SMS and email, 48 hours in advance, with any potential risk, thus allowing them to implement the necessary protective actions - closing streets, pedestrian routes, placing warning signs, etc., in order to reduce the impact on property and people. 


A high-performance simulation system

The AQUADAVANCED® Urban Drainage system records real-time rainfall measurements delivered by the DREAL (Regional Directorate for Environment, Planning and Housing) and those by Météo France and adds them to the Météo France 24-hour weather forecasts, which offers a high degree of accuracy. The results? A hydrological and hydraulic model to simulate the flows of the Ouche river upstream and downstream of Lake Kir in Dijon, as well as the lake levels, several hours in advance.


Accessible 24h/7

The software from the AQUADVANCED® range can be visualised by the community on any computer.It can access the map with the position of the different sensors at any time, access weather forecasts, real-time rainfall information. A mobile version containing the essential elements that may be necessary to know on-site has also been developed. "The future is also in the level of detail of the forecasting data, explains Laurent Monnot, Technical and Asset Management Head for the East Region at SUEZ. The tool has proven its high level of performance when powered by accurate data. Therefore, we are always on the lookout for the forecasting services that Météo France can offer in order to benefit from the most detailed analysis possible.